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  • Academic Calendar
  • Academic Calendar

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    Fall 2020


    Full-Term Classes (Not CCCOnline)

    Registration Begins Monday 6-Apr-19
    Chairs Return Monday 10-Aug-20
    Faculty Return Tuesday 11-Aug
    Tuition Due Date Wednesday 12-Aug
    Pre-drop for Non-Payment Warning Wednesday 12-Aug
    Faculty Professional Development Day Thursday 13-Aug
    Registration Ends Friday 14-Aug
    Full-Term Classes Begin Monday 17-Aug
    Schedule Adjustment Period Monday-Friday Aug. 17–Aug. 21
    Pre-drop for Non-Payment Warning Wednesday 19-Aug
    Pre-drop for Non-Payment Warning Wednesday 26-Aug
    Drop for Non-Payment Tuesday 1-Sep
    End of Refund Period/Census Wednesday 2-Sep
    Labor Day Holiday Monday 7-Sep
    Midterm Week Monday-Friday Oct. 5-Oct. 9
    Last Day to Withdraw Wednesday 18-Nov
    Thanksgiving Holiday Thursday 26-Nov
    Thanksgiving Break (No Classes) Monday-Saturday Nov. 23–Nov. 28
    Final Week of Classes  Monday-Saturday Dec. 7–Dec. 12
    Last Faculty Day Friday 11-Dec
    Classes End Saturday 12-Dec
    Grades Due Monday 14-Dec
    Holiday Break (Offices Closed) Friday-Friday Dec. 25-January 1, 2021
    All Staff Return Monday 4-Jan-21