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  • Residency Classification
  • Residency Classification

    When you are admitted or readmitted to PCC, we classify you as either a resident or a non-resident of Colorado for tuition purposes according to the provisions of Title 23, Article 7, Colorado Revised Statues, as amended. You have the right to challenge your tuition classification. To do so, obtain a Petition for In-State Tuition Classification from the Admissions Office, and complete and return the Petition with the required documentation to the Admissions Office. We will use the documents supplied by you, along with the answers to the residency questions on the Petition, to make a final residency decision.

    To be classified as a resident, you must meet two tests of domicile:

    1. Presence: You must have been physically domiciled in Colorado for twelve (12) continuous months prior to the first day of classes.
    2. Intent: You must document that Colorado is your permanent state of residence.

    It is not enough to document presence but not intent. Furthermore, you cannot rely on just one document to prove intent. For information on residency, visit the Colorado Department of Higher Education's website.

    Deadline: Submit your petition with all supporting documents by the deadline date published in the PCC Schedule of Classes for the intended term. We will not review late petitions, those missing documentation and information, or those without a notarized signature.

    Selective Service Registration Requirements

    Before enrolling at PCC, male students must truthfully declare their selective service registration status on the Application for Admission. You may not enroll if you provide no information or false information. If your status changes in any way, you must notify the Admissions & Records Office. You may register for Selective Service or obtain proof of registration by using the web site at www.sss.gov. Contact the Admissions & Records Office for further information concerning Selective Service requirements.