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  • Grant Opportunities

    Provided through the Colorado State Office of Economic Development

    The Colorado First & Existing Industry Grant is a State funded grant whose mission is to provide customized job training programs to companies that are locating or expanding in Colorado. The program will increase transferable job skills that support both the company's economic competitiveness by re-training its workers in new skills, while enhancing the workers' resumes and long-term employment opportunities. 

    There are two sides of the grant:

    Colorado First Customized Job Training Program
    Colorado First is intended for new hires. The grant may provide:
    • Instructor's wages
    • Curriculum Development
    • The purchase of consumable training supplies

    Colorado Existing Industry Job Training Program
    This program provides assistance to established Colorado businesses in order to:

    • Remain competitive
    • Adapt to new technology
    • Prevent layoffs

    All grant applications for both programs must meet the following criteria:

    • The Colorado FIRST and Existing Industry deadlines for applications are mid-July for the Fall round and early December for the Spring round. Generally there are two rounds of application.
    • Maximum grant award of $1200.00 per employee for the Colorado First grant and $1000.00 per employee for the Existing Industry grant.
    • Trainees must sign an affidavit to certify their participation in grant funded training.
    • All grant-funded training must be customized to meet the company's specific needs.
    • Grant funded training must be for permanent, full-time, non-seasonal, non-retail positions in the state of Colorado, which have significant career opportunities and require substantive instruction.
    • Training must be completed by Nov 30 for the Fall round and May 31 for the Spring round and final reports must be received by Dec 9 and June 15 respectively.
    • Applicant companies must pay for a minimum of 40% of the total training costs.
    • Grants will only be awarded to companies that meet a sustainable wage threshold: in urban areas, employers must pay an average wage of at least $12.00/hour; average wages in rural areas must be at least $9.00/hour.
    • An on-site visit of the applicant company is required upon completion of an awarded grant, in most cases.
    • A financial evaluation of the applicant company is required. (Existing Industry only)
    • Colorado First applications may be submitted every year.
    • Existing Industry applications every third year. (ie. EI funds received FY 14 – Off FY 15 & FY 16 – may apply for FY 17).

    For more information contact Kathy Cox at Pueblo Community College (719) 549-3342 or Kathy.cox@pueblocc.edu

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