PCC EMS students during training exercise

Emergency Medical Services Career Insights

What can I do with a degree in Emergency Medical Services?

As an EMS professional, you may work for an ambulance service, fire department, in tactical EMS, critical care transport, or as an emergency department technician. If you graduate with an AAS degree, you have additional career opportunities in administration and management in the pre-hospital field. Salary ranges from $28,780 to $49,092

Advanced Paramedic Practitioner degree opportunities include working as a critical care paramedic or community paramedic and in a variety of behavioral health settings such as mental health facilities, drug rehab, hospitals, clinics and community paramedic programs.

In a recent survey of area employers:

  • On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest, employers rated at 3.41 the need for people with bachelor’s degrees in EMS due to recent Colorado legislative changes
  • 47% state they would prefer to hire a person with a BAS in Paramedic practice, with another 37% as possible
  • 53% state a BAS degree would increase their earning potential; another 21% state as possible
  • 65% state a BAS degree would be preferred for advancement in their agency; another 15% state as possible


Bonnie Housh