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  • Gateway to College

    The PCC Gateway to College program is one of 33 in the national GTC network. There are programs in at least 19 states and more are being added each year. GTC’s purpose is to build sustainable pathways through partnerships with colleges and school districts in order to re-engage disconnected youth in their educational journey.

    "This free program (including college tuition and materials) provides the personal support students need to succeed."

    Gateway to College is a high-quality, instruction-led educational experience in an alternative environment: a college campus. Gateway is looking for students who have the desire and determination to learn, work hard, and earn a high school diploma and college credits.

    • Gateway graduates receive a traditional high school diploma from their district high school while earning college credits toward an associate degree or certificate.  

    • Gateway to College is open to students between the ages of 17 and 20 who may not have had success in other learning environments. 

    • Gateway to College allows students to earn their high school diploma and take college credits at the same time.

    • Gateway to College offers flexible schedules and classes each semester.

    • Gateway to College covers the cost of tuition and books for eligible students. Students pay only a minimal fee associated with classes, college resources, and labs each semester.

    Gateway to College: National Award-winning program. Helping you stay in school and graduate. Receive a traditional high school diploma from your district high school. Take control of your life. Call to find out more.

    Contact us today for an individual interview, complete the program application and visit us on Facebook

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    Our History

    • 2003, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provided funding ($13.1 million) to replicate Gateway to College model
    • 2009, PCC – Pueblo site; 2012 - Durango site; & 2014 – Fremont site
    • 2013, Gateway to College had grown to 33 programs in 23 states
    • 2015, Gateway to College celebrated service to more than 20,000 students
    • 2016, PCC site was recognized with the Gateway to College National Achievement Award (currently working with 8 school districts)
    • 2017, PCC site was recognized with the Gateway National Excellence Award
    • 2018, PCC site was recognized with the Gateway Graduation Achievement Award
    • 2019, PCC site was recognized with the Gateway National Excellence Award
    • 2020, PCC site was recognized with the Gateway National Excellence Award