Campus Safety

Campus police department

Pueblo Community College maintains its own professional police department staffed with experienced state-certified peace officers who have been trained in Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) procedures.

PCC maintains five campuses (Pueblo, Fremont, Mancos, Durango and Bayfield) located in the state of Colorado. PCC’s main campus is located in the City and County of Pueblo and works closely with the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office and the Pueblo Police Department. Memorandums of understanding are in place with both agencies for immediate mutual aid assistance.

The Fremont Campus is located in Cañon City and is staffed with a state-certified peace officer and a security guard. There is a memorandum of understanding with the Cañon City Police Department for mutual aid assistance.

The PCC Southwest Campus and Durango Site are staffed with private security guards. Law enforcement services are also provided by the Durango Police Department for the PCC Southwest site in Durango; the Bayfield Marshal’s Office for the Bayfield Site; and the Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office for the PCC Southwest Campus in Mancos.

Reporting a Crime, Threat, or Urgent Safety Concern

In the event of any crime, fire or emergency on campus or in its surrounding area(s), students and employees should immediately notify the law enforcement entity for the respective location as follows:

Pueblo Campus: Pueblo Community College Police Department (Student Center, Room 152) at 719.549.3355 or 911. The phones are directly connected to the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office’s communication center, which dispatches the PCC police officers.

Fremont Campus: Pueblo Community College Police Department (LRC, Room L104), at 719.296.6130 or 911.

Southwest Campus (Mancos)/City of Cortez: Montezuma County Sheriff’s Department, 601 N. Mildred Road, Cortez, CO 81321, at 970.565.8452 or 911.

Southwest Site (Durango): Durango Police Department, 990 E. 2nd Avenue, Durango, CO 81301 at 970.385.2900 or 911.

Southwest Site (Bayfield): Bayfield Marshal’s Office, 1199 Bayfield Parkway, Bayfield, CO 81122, at 970.884.9544 or 911.

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