Work-study Opportunities

College Work-Study Program (CWSP)

Seventy percent of state money and all federal money is awarded to students who demonstrate financial need. The College Work-Study Program is designed to offer jobs to students who are not eligible for need-based funds. Full-time and part-time students are employed for 10-20 hours per week in areas that relate to their academic and career goals. Funds are provided by the Federal Work-Study Program and the Colorado General Assembly.

To be eligible for work-study, you must meet these basic requirements:

  • Must have a completed current FAFSA on file with PCC
  • Must be awarded and eligible to receive financial aid
  • Must be actively enrolled in at least 6 credit hours at PCC
  • Cannot have a bachelor’s degree
  • Must be in a financial aid-eligible program

View the Student Employee Expectations

Please contact the Financial Aid office to verify your eligibility prior to applying for a position.

Applying for Work-Study Positions

All work-study positions at PCC are listed through Career CONNECTIONS. To view and apply for work-study positions, you will need to create a Career CONNECTIONS account.

How to find work-study positions at PCC:

Setting up your Career Connections profile

Important items to remember when setting up your profile:

  • When first accessing Career Connections/Handshake, you will be prompted to log in with your S# or Email address. Use your most commonly used email address for this process.
  • Select Pueblo Community College as your “institution”
  • Make sure to select “I’m a Student or Alumni”
  • The information you enter on the next few options, will allow you to search and apply for jobs, outside of work-study, that fit your preferences/desire.

After Setting up your Career Connections profile

After you have set up you profile:

Use the Employer search option. Search for Pueblo Community College and then go to our Employer page. On our page you can find the “jobs at Pueblo Community College” list. Select “see all”. This page houses all the currently posted work-study positions that PCC has to offer. You are invited to apply for any and all positions you are interested in. 

The list is on the left side of the page, while the middle of the page has info on the currently selected job. Use the “Quick Apply” options when you want to apply to a specific position. You will be prompted to attach your resume to each application you send. You can browse and apply for as many jobs as you wish. Each separate position will have its own job description. Find the one that is right for you. When a supervisor receives your information, they will decide when and if they want to set up an appointment with you. While you may apply for any position, you will only be able to work for one work-study at a time.

Accessing Career Connections

The best way to access Career Connections is to log in through the PCC portal. This will allow you to use the single sign on option and make the profile set up process slightly easier.

There are several links in the portal:

  • Student Tab: Advising & Academic Support
  • Student Finance Tab: Student Employment
  • Resources, Training, & Tools: Advising Tools

All Links are the same and lead to the same website. The links are all titled careerCONNECTIONS.

Determining if you are eligible for work-study at Pueblo Community College: 

To be eligible for work-study a student must have:

  • A current FAFSA on file and complete with the school
  • Enrollment in 6+ credit hours for every semester they wish to work during
  • Academic good standing. All students must have an eligible SAP status.

    This means:
    • Having a GPA above 2.00
    • Completed more that 67% of all credit hours attempted
    • Must be within 150% of credits necessary to complete current declared major

Students must Apply for and be hired by the supervisor of the position they are applying for. Work-study, just like any other job, has a hiring process all students must go through---positions are not guaranteed.

Finally, all students must go through a background check during the hiring process. This is done though our Human Resources office. If the background check is denied, then a student will not be permitted to work in a work-study position. 

Work-study pay and wage

All work-study students will earn $15.00 an hour and be paid through direct deposit. This is set up at the same time as the background check.


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