Fremont Campus holds 2021 nurse pinning ceremony

Pueblo Community College Fremont Campus had an opportunity to celebrate its 2021 nursing graduates by holding a small nurse pinning ceremony led by Fremont nursing faculty and staff.  
Completing the nursing program is a notable achievement at any time, but this year’s cohort receives the distinguished designation of being the first group of nursing students in over a century to complete their program amidst a worldwide pandemic. The graduates cared for sick patients including those with the COVID19 virus - saving lives, providing comfort to patients and families, and supporting clinical staff in the facilities in order to provide the best care possible to those affected personally by the terrible virus. This illness has shaken the entire world and turned life as we knew it upside down.  It has also brought to light how critically important and essential Registered Nurses are to the health of patients, communities and the nation.

The last step for the class is to take and pass the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) and they will be Registered Nurses!  Joan Pope, Nursing Program Coordinator, expressed her confidence and pride for the class during the pinning ceremony, stating “The fortitude, perseverance, and dedication you have shown has been unwavering. These qualities will certainly serve you well as you begin your careers as RN’s.”

Joan thanked a very special people who are dear friends and benefactors to Pueblo Community College:  Walter Schepp and late Gloria Schepp. “Walt and Gloria’s generous gift to the Fremont Campus in 2019 enabled the full renovation of the nursing and science labs.  This promoted the best learning experience possible.  The 2021 graduates were the first group ever to be all together for lab activities, which was one of the goals of the renovation.”  

Chrystal Stark, Nursing Faculty, gave the history of the pinning ceremony and Stephanie Martinez, SIM Lab Coordinator and Whitney Strobel, Nursing Administrative Assistant, presented the graduates with a white rose, which signifies purity of spirit, health and dedication.  Each graduate was called one by one to the front of the room to be pinned and the class recited “The Florence Nightingale Pledge” together.

Joan closed the ceremony by congratulating the class and thanking the instructors, faculty and administration.  She then presented the Associate Degree Nursing Class of 2021.  The students were thankful to have the opportunity to experience a traditional pinning ceremony. Congratulations to all of the graduates, their families and support team for a huge accomplishment!

Fremont Nursing Class of 2021