UCCS & PCC Align Pre-Collegiate & Engineering Programs

UCCS Chancellor Venkat Reddy joined Pueblo Community College (PCC) President Patty Erjavec on Friday, Feb. 3 to celebrate two new partnerships between the two institutions. View a video of the event here.

The two campus leaders and members of the Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce, Pueblo Latino Chamber of Commerce and Pueblo West Chamber of Commerce cut the ribbon on the new Pueblo location of the UCCS Pre-Collegiate Support and Success Center on the PCC campus.

The new center will work with middle and high school diverse, first-generation and military connected students from the Pueblo community with programming intended to prepare students academically, socially and emotionally for their postsecondary journeys.

“Pre-Collegiate’s partnership with Pueblo Community College means we will meet more students where they are,” said Pre-Collegiate Center Director Nancy Hernandez. “We are so excited to help Pueblo scholars explore the many pathways to a postsecondary education, and that will include taking classes at PCC that would transfer to UCCS.”

Chancellor Reddy and President Erjavec also signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to create a pathway for students to earn an associate degree at PCC and then transition to UCCS where they can earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering. This associate degree serves as a direct track for engineering students from PCC to UCCS, streamlining the transfer process.

“I am so pleased that a pathway to engineering has been developed to ensure that PCC students interested in this career field can begin their academic journey with us and ultimately receive a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering from UCCS,” said President Erjavec. “This will allow students to complete their degree in the most efficient, affordable manner possible with real-world experiences integrated into their experience.”

“We are excited to partner with Pueblo Community College in these two very unique programs which ultimately help our students succeed,” said Chancellor Reddy. “Our Pre-Collegiate Support and Success Center on the PCC campus will help students understand what our colleges and universities offer and what steps to take as they enter and complete a plan of study. The engineering MOU helps to create a pipeline for PCC students to start their engineering degree program at PCC and complete it at UCCS and, with help from industry, have internship opportunities in Pueblo and join the workforce of Pueblo.”

About the UCCS Pre-Collegiate Support and Success Center

The Pre-Collegiate Support and Success Center at UCCS is an institutionally and grant funded academic enrichment program for prioritized elementary, middle, and high school students. It is designed to motivate and prepare first-generation, low income and military dependent students to pursue their postsecondary goals. The program is structured to ensure that students have opportunities to explore, dream, and achieve postsecondary and career opportunities through mentorship, developing personal potential, expanding life skills and utilizing a growth mindset.

About the PCC Engineering Program

PCC’s Pre-Engineering program is designed for students interested in studying the engineering profession through the community college pathway. The PCC curriculum provides a transferable foundation for all of the major branches of engineering. Completion of the associate degree completes the first two years of an engineering bachelor’s degree and guarantees that graduates will transfer as a junior to a four-year school.

About the UCCS Mechanical Engineering Program

The UCCS Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department (MAE) is in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. MAE offers multiple degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels, designed to rigorously educate engineering students and to prepare them for careers in industry or academia.

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