Harvesting a Better Future

Our students receive an agriculture education that prepares them to attain a career in an ever-changing environment of production agriculture, animal science and agricultural technology. Learn from agricultural experts in academic and field settings close to home in Southwest Colorado.

Agricultural challenges will continue to face farmers and ranchers in a changing climate with increased demand for water resources, pest and pathogen pressures and population growth. These challenges will require food, fiber and animal production farmers to expand their knowledge in available technologies and methods of agricultural practices to take our society into a sustainable future.

Why PCC?

  • Small class sizes with hands-on instruction
  • Career-ready courses in production, technology and innovation agriculture
  • Potential internships with agricultural businesses in Southwest Colorado
  • Pathways to continue to an undergraduate degree with CSU in less time and cost savings

Available For-Credit Course Offerings:

  • AGB 1002   Foundations of Agri-business
  • AGP 1007   Practical Irrigation Mgmt.
  • AGR 2160   World Population and Food: GT-SS3
  • AGY 1100   General Crop Production
  • AGY 2140   Intro to Soils
  • ASC 1100   Intro to Animal Science
  • CHE 1011   Intro to Chemistry
  • CIS  1018    Intro to PCC Applications
  • GEO 1012   Physical Geography-Weather and Climate with Lab: GT-SC1
  • UAS 1040    UAS Intro to Ground School
  • UAS 1050    UAS Foundations
  • UAS 1051    UAS Applications
  • UAS 1052    UAS Personnel

Degree & Certificate Offerings in Agriculture:

Introduction to Agriculture

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