Dental Hygiene BAS Program Mission & Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of the program is to provide licensed dental hygienists the opportunity to continue and expand their career opportunities through the completion of an advanced degree. The program intends to achieve the mission by: 

Program Goals

  1. Increasing the number of qualified licensed dental hygienist who are academically prepared to enter advanced careers in dental hygiene
  2. Providing an admissions policy that is fair and equitable to all students who meet academic standards and guidelines
  3. Supporting a program that demonstrates continuous quality improvement through assessment practices that measure student centered educational philosophies
  4. Sustaining the profession of dental hygiene through service learning and civic engagement in the areas of education and public health
  5. Preparing students to collect information, critically analyze findings and apply decision making to support a standards of practice
  6. Promoting and delivering a technology based curriculum that is used to measure and achieve student learning outcomes

Expected Student Learning Outcomes

The graduate will be able to:

  1. Compare and contrast current and emerging issues and trends facing the profession of dental hygiene today.
  2. Apply critical thinking to explain issues, provide evidence, analyze assumptions, define perspectives and evaluate decisions.
  3. Effectively use technology to locate, relate, evaluate and communicate information and ideas.
  4. 4.    Create and implement instructional best practices to facilitate effective teaching and student learning. 
  5. 5.    Demonstrate the ability to problem solve effectively utilizing evidenced-based strategies and decision making processes.


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Program Director
Linda Blasi

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