Dental Hygiene Program FAQ

Do I need to complete all general education courses before I can apply?
No. At a minimum, applicants need to complete 4 of the 8 general education courses by the end of the fall semester (2 of the 4 must be the required science courses). For application, the student must have all fall grades submitted and demonstrate evidence of enrollment in at least 2 additional courses in the spring semester; with the final 2 courses being completed in the summer. It is recommended that the student complete as many courses as possible prior to the application deadline of February 1, as points are awarded for courses completed.

Do I have to take my prerequisites at Pueblo Community College?
No. Although you do score points for taking your general education related courses at PCC, you can take them at any accredited college or university.  You will need to verify the transferability of courses not taken within the Colorado Community College System with a Dental Hygiene Faculty Advisor. 

What is the criteria for admission to the program?
Selection is based on a point system.  Points awarded from the candidate’s interview and application packet will be combined and the top twenty six applicants will be offered admission. Additional points will be received for meeting with a PCC Dental Hygiene Faculty Advisor.

Is previous Dental Assisting experience required?
No. Although helpful, previous dental assisting experience is not required.

Is there selective admission to the program?
Yes, if selected.

Is an interview required?
Yes. You will be interviewed by a panel of professionals. You should dress as though you are going to a job interview. You will be asked a variety of questions, many of which will not have right or wrong answers. Answer as directly and as honestly as you can.  Try to relax.

If I don't get accepted into the program will I be placed on a "waiting list" for next year? 
No. We do not have a wait list. You must apply to the program every time you want to be considered. If you are considering reapplication you must submit a letter requesting that your file be kept open for the following year.  We recommend that you meet with a Dental Hygiene advisor to discuss areas in which you can improve your chances for admittance. 

Are letters of recommendation needed for application?
No we do not accept letters of recommendation.

Does everyone who gets accepted have a 4.0 GPA?
The minimum cumulative GPA to apply to the PCC Dental Hygiene Program is a 2.7. Good grades are important to be successful in the program, but we look for applicants that are well-rounded—displaying high levels of community engagement, responsibility, a strong commitment to ethical behavior, professionalism, and a history of academic success.  Remember, the program is only as competitive as the people applying, and the people applying change from year to year. 

Based on the physical demands of the program and profession, some health problems can impact a student’s ability to be successful. Who should I talk to about this?
It’s important to be honest about any physical challenges you face. Make an appointment with a dental hygiene advisor if you have specific concerns. You must sign an essential functions form prior to entering the program.

Are vaccinations, background checks and drug screen required?
Yes. Specific information is provided at orientation once you have been accepted. 

I went to jail/prison for a misdemeanor/felony, can I still be admitted into the program?
We strongly encourage potential applicants in this situation to contact the American Dental Association at  prior to starting their prerequisites and applying to the program. Even if you are accepted into the program, you will have to pass a drug screen and a criminal background check before you begin the program in the fall. PCC does have a list of disqualifying offenses that will prevent you from starting the program. If you have a concern, please contact the program.


Lorna Jackson