Innovative learning methods at PCC Southwest

PCC’s transition to hybrid classes (classes with both face-to-face and online learning) was well under way before the pandemic began. When remote learning became a necessity for higher education, PCC’s progress toward a hybrid format accelerated the college’s ability to respond.  PCC continues to deliver innovative methods allowing students to take ownership of their learning journey.

“From the moment Dr. Dosumu became our executive dean, he expressed an interest in becoming an innovative virtual campus,” said Perry Pepper, academic services director for the Southwest campus. “In response to that, almost all of our courses within the Arts and Sciences were designed with a virtual component. Once the pandemic began, instructors were better suited to handle the technology, the nuances of teaching virtually and the challenges of student engagement in a virtual platform.” 

During the fall 2020 semester, PCC introduced a hybrid learning program called PCC Flex that allows students greater flexibility for class attendance. As time progressed, the number of learning formats has continued to increase.

A student enrolled in courses with PCC this spring can attend classes in person, from home, or through a combination of in-person and online. Further, with PCC Flex, a student can choose how they want to attend each class throughout the semester – either live in the classroom, live virtually or with a combination of both.

“In addition to the different ways students attend class, they also can take accelerated courses that last eight weeks versus 16,” Pepper said. “We even offer flexible starts, which are especially helpful for transfer or pre-health students.”

With higher education evolving to meet the needs of non-traditional students, the different learning methods enable PCC to meet the students where they are. Pepper stresses that PCC is flipping the notion of a traditional classroom on its head.  

“There are many different ways to acquire an education beyond the traditional setting of a classroom,” he said. “We are utilizing innovative methods to meet the needs of students and ensure delivery regardless of disruption.”

Registration is now open for summer and fall classes at PCC Southwest. Prospective students can apply before May 28 for summer courses at or contact an advisor at (970) 564-6200.

Perry Pepper
Perry Pepper
Southwest Campus
Academic Services Director