Meet the Ambassadors

Student Ambassador, Jaidyn Fenton
Jaidyn Fenton

Jaidyn Fenton is a first-year Student Ambassador at PCC. She plans to get her Associate of Arts degree and then transfer to a four-year school to get her bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance. She loves the opportunities that come with being a Student Ambassador and enjoys meeting new people and helping them follow their dreams.

“PCC has opened my mind to all the opportunities life can throw at you - from modeling in an ad to doing voiceovers for radio ads,” Jaidyn said.

After graduating from Pueblo South High School and taking a semester off to reconnect with what she wants to do, Jaidyn applied to PCC and started her journey toward a career in music.

“There’s nothing in life that can stop you if you have a great playlist to go with it!”

Student Ambassador, Ashly Montes de Oca
Ashly Montes de Oca

Ashly is a recent graduate of Pueblo West High School and a first-year student at PCC. She is currently pursuing her Business Management Associates degree. After high school, Ashly was very unsure about going to college but she decided to come see the campus and sign up. “Everyone was so helpful and supportive! PCC really prioritizes all their students’ success and all the recourses on campus have made me more confident in my education,” Ashly said.

Becoming a Student Ambassador has made her more involved in the community and has given her more opportunities as a student. She loves helping student start their new journey in following their dreams. “Wherever you go, go with all your heart!”

Student Ambassador, Nathalie Hermosillo
Nathalie Hermosillo

Nathalie Hermosillo is a second-year student, and first-year Student Ambassador at PCC. She plans to get her Associate of Science and then transfer to a four-year school to get her Bachelor’s degree in Biology. She loves being a Student Ambassador and helping students get on track to attend PCC. Nathalie says, “After not attending college for a couple years, I was nervous to get back in school, but the staff at PCC helped me realize I can do it, and made the process so easy! I’m happy I am able to help people like me get into school by being a Student Ambassador.”

She believes in being kind to others and living life in the moment.

Student Ambassador, Alondra Botello
Alondra Botello

Alondra is a first-year Student Ambassador, a mother of a two-year old and is from Houston, Texas. She is earning her Associate of Science Degree and is planning to apply for the Dental Hygiene program at PCC.  After taking off a year of school to raise her son, she returned to school proving that it is not as scary as it might seem to be. “Applying was easy with the help of everyone at PCC. They made me feel more confident choosing to go back to school.” Being able to help students feel the same about applying is what made her become a Student Ambassador. Alondra’s Life Motto: “Be like a duck. Stay calm on the surface, but underwater where no one can see, you keep paddling.”