Community Dental Clinic

Affordable dental care for the community

The Dental Hygiene Program operates a modern clinic which is open to the public. This unique facility offers excellent preventive dental care to the general public at substantially reduced rates.

The training of PCC's Dental Hygiene students is conducted under the supervision of certified Dental Hygiene faculty and a supervising dentist.

Questions? Download our Patient Information Sheet.

Services Include:

Service Cost Patient Availability
Dental Hygiene Exam (includes cleaning and topical fluoride) $25.00 Child (ages 6 - 15)
Dental Hygiene Exam (includes cleaning and topical fluoride) $30.00 Adult (Class II & III Lights)
Periodontal (includes cleaning and topical fluoride) $80.00  
X-Rays are charged separately    
Sealants $10.00 (children under 14)


Dental Hygiene Clinic
Hours vary by Semester
To make an appointment call:
Health Sciences Building
415 Harrison Street
(corner of Pitkin and Harrison)
Pueblo, CO 81004