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  • Great Personal Attention (GPA) Dining Room
  • The GPA Dining Room

    The Culinary Arts Program at Pueblo Community College has been teaching our students to prepare and serve quality food since 1984. The GPA Dining Room is located on the bottom floor of the Student Center next to the bookstore.  The purpose of this dining room is to give Culinary Arts students the “real world” experience of preparing high quality food and providing excellent customer service to guests, in a learning atmosphere. Students learn how important customer service is in any type of restaurant or hospitality business. In the “Front of the House”, students learn proper serving methods, different styles of dining room set ups, how to use current technology to benefit the guest, and proper ways to interface with co-workers and guests. Serving quality food is of utmost importance. In the “Back of the House” our students focus not only on the quality technical skills that are expected in restaurant operations today, but also the critical thinking skills needed in order to handle any type of restaurant environment.

    The GPA Dining Room is CLOSED
    Due to the current surge in COVID-19 cases in our service areas, The GPA Dining Room will be closed for the remainder of the semester.

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    Phone: 719-549-3326

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  • PUEBLO CHIEFTAIN: PCC dining room gives culinary students a taste of reality

    Pueblo Community College hospitality and culinary arts student Charles Vance serves up dinner rolls at the college's GPA dining room. The facility is both a working classroom and a sit-down restaurant that is open to the public.
    Stepping into the GPA Dining Room in Pueblo Community College's student center is like stepping into any sit-down restaurant. Carefully folded linen napkins adorn spotless white ceramic plates, and polished silverware is carefully arranged in a semiformal setting. The white linen tablecloths are precisely placed, and freshly cut flowers grace every table. Servers fuss over patrons, meals are served in multiple courses and water, tea and coffee are meticulously kept filled. Yes, the GPA is just like any other professional restaurant. Except that it's not. That's because this dining room is actually a working classroom. [read article]