HR's Mission & Vision


The Human Resources Department is a key strategic partner committed to the advancement and success of this premier teaching institution, its employees and the students it serves.


We are dedicated to the highest level of service guided by the following principles and values:

  • Earning trust and respect, not demanding it
  • Providing exceptional customer service to the campus and the community
  • Treating all individuals with fairness, integrity, and honesty
  • Maintaining the highest degree of confidentiality, consistency and expertise
  • Working to recruit and retain the most qualified and diverse workforce
  • Promoting continuous quality improvement, efficiency, and effectiveness
  • Holding ourselves and others to the highest level of personal accountability
  • Providing innovative HR programs and services
  • Ensuring policies and procedures are clearly articulated and communicated
  • Promoting the appreciation of diverse cultures and individual contributions
  • Engaging in open, honest communication and the exchange of ideas


Our mission is to provide the greatest opportunity for employee success through comprehensive, effective, and efficient policies, procedures, programs, and services.


Human Resources Office
Central Administration Building
Room, 111