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  • Remote Advising & Enrollment Support

    In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, PCC is limiting the number of people on campus by providing college services remotely so students and prospective students can receive assistance from home. Visit our Remote Student Services page for more information.

  • Start Here, Transfer Anywhere! 

    Your Road Map to a Four-Year Degree: PCC maintains clear Transfer Guides to help students find their path to a four-year degree. The guides listed below show students the 60 credits that they will complete at PCC, followed by the remaining 60 credits that they will complete at a regional four-year university. By completing your 2-year Associate degree at PCC, and then transferring to a university to finish the 4-year Bachelor degree, you can save thousands of dollars. The state of Colorado maintains common course numbers, titles, and content, and many of these courses are ‘guaranteed transfer’ courses. Ask your advisor about our transfer programs today!

    Benefits of starting at PCC:

    • small class sizes
    • dedicated faculty
    • strong student support services
    • flexible schedule - many classes are offered on-campus, online, nights, and weekends
    • save money - students who earn an associate degree at PCC and transfer to a university can save more than $10,000!
  • Check out our Transfer Checklist to Get Started!

    AAS – Associate of Applied Science Degrees are NOT intended to transfer. Some coursework in AAS Degrees may be applied towards a transfer degree. Students should refer to the Transfer Degree section of the Academic Catalog.

    Transferability of Credits Earned at PCC

    With all degree programs, transfer credit is granted by the college that accepts the credit, not the college where the credit was earned (please be aware that the institution to which you’re transferring may not accept classes with “D” grades in transfer). Other colleges can change their policies, so it’s always a good idea to check with the college where you would like to earn your final degree. At a minimum, you’re sure to earn credit at all of the Colorado Community Colleges through this program, and you will receive the quality, support, and rigor that you would expect at PCC.

    For information concerning how to transfer to PCC, please visit our Admissions page.