College Mission & Vision


Pueblo Community College is the choice for personal and community success.


Pueblo Community College transforms lives of students, enriches communities, and strengthens regional economies. We empower individual achievement by providing inclusive, personalized support and innovative educational opportunities.


Achievement: We engage a diverse student body and support all individuals in attaining high-quality learning outcomes to meet the demands of a global economy.

Excellence: We foster continuous quality improvement and innovation by responding to the needs of the
communities we serve.

Integrity: We advance our mission ethically and equitably, through a culture of shared governance that demands accountability and excellence.

Respect: We foster an open and inclusive environment that welcomes diverse backgrounds and opinions, recognizes individual talents, encourages personal and professional growth, and celebrates accomplishments.

Inclusive Teaching & Learning: We value the exchange of knowledge and encourage lifelong learning for students, faculty, and staff.

Leadership & Teamwork: We create collaborative opportunities to advance the communities we serve through innovative actions, strategic partnerships, and informed planning.

Guiding Principles

Innovation: Encourage divergent thinking and intentional execution to drive continuous improvement.

Access: Create educational opportunities for everyone.

Valuing People: Cultivate growth opportunities so individuals can meet their full potential.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Sustain a community respectful of cultures, backgrounds, and ideas.

Safety: Commit to the safety and well-being of others.

Quality: Add value and relevance through environmental scanning.