College Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Pueblo Community College is the first choice for success.

Our Mission

Pueblo Community College transforms lives, enriches communities, and strengthens the regional economy by empowering individual achievement through a continuum of education.

Our Core Values

Achievement: We embrace a diverse student body attending our institution of higher education and support all individuals in attaining high-quality postsecondary credentials across our academic disciplines. Through our retention efforts across the college, we work to keep students engaged and focused on completing their course work to become highly-skilled professionals and gain the most from their educational pursuits to achieve success in the workforce by meeting the demands of a global economy.

Excellence: We embrace continuous quality improvement and innovation in all areas of the institution. We deliver high-quality programs and services that respond to the needs of the communities we serve and prepare students for success in an ever-changing, diverse, and global workplace.

Integrity: We advance our mission ethically and responsibly. We value fair and equitable treatment, participatory decision-making and transparent resource management. We have an organizational culture that inspires high performance and accountability for behaviors, actions, and results in a collaborative spirit.

Respect: We provide a safe, caring, and supportive environment conducive to the success and well-being of students, faculty and staff. We welcome diversity of backgrounds and opinions, recognize individual talents, encourage personal and professional growth, celebrate accomplishments, and honor institutional traditions.

Scholarship: We value and promote student, faculty, and staff scholarship. We strive to create a student-centered learning environment that cultivates critical and creative thinking, problem solving, intellectual inquiry, and global awareness. Through continuing development, we expect faculty and staff to be productive workers, responsible decision-makers, and servant leaders. We believe that scholarship should occur in all organizational levels through knowledge sharing and effective communication.

Teamwork: We believe inclusive cooperative relationships are critical to the vitality and long term success of our institution. We strategically pursue mutually beneficial partnerships to help students learn and advance other institutional priorities. We encourage active collaboration within and between departments and operational areas. We believe in the importance of nurturing student-to-student and student-to-faculty/staff interactions as a means of promoting student success.