Student Debt, Registration Holds and Transcript & Diploma Withholding

Registration Holds

Registration holds are placed each semester after the full term census date.  Any student who owes a balance for the current term or is not up-to-date on their PCC payment plan on this date will receive a hold preventing registration. 

Spring registration holds will be placed Wednesday, March 6, 2024.

Referral to Collections

At the end of the term, PCC will submit all past due dollar amounts over $0 to a collection agency for collection. Collection agency costs, expenses, and fees may be incurred and the delinquency may be reported to national credit bureaus.  As a State agency, PCC also has the ability to intercept State income tax refunds due to you from the State of Colorado for debts owed to the State.

Transcript & Diploma Withholding 

Upon receipt of a valid request, transcripts or diplomas shall not be withheld from release due to the fact that the student owes a debt to PCC.  

For information on requesting a transcript, visit the Request Transcripts page.

To request a reprint of your diploma, submit the Diploma Reprint form.

To learn more visit the following links:

Student Debt, Registration Holds and Transcript Withholding

Complaints or violations may be reported through the PCC webpage.

Reporting a Concern or Incident