Advanced Manufacturing

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What Will I Learn

When you hear the words “advanced manufacturing,” you might be thinking of crowded, dirty factories and hard labor – but this image is no longer accurate. Advances in technology and equipment have not only created spacious, clean, cutting-edge work environments throughout the industry, these same advances have created a serious shortage of qualified workers. With 80% of manufacturing companies willing to pay over-market wages for these high-demand jobs, it’s a great time to explore this career.

Why Manufacturing Matters

The manufacturing industry fosters creativity and innovation while using the latest technology to make products for a wide array of needs - from every day use to sending people into outer space. Our nation’s prosperity depends on a strong manufacturing industry.

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NEW! Pueblo FAME program

PCC is proud to announce its new partnership with the Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME). Students will learn technical and academic skills at PCC while gaining hands-on experience with local manufacturers. Learn more.

15,800 skilled manufacturing jobs go unfilled each year in Colorado. $73,301 was the average annual compensation for manufacturing in 2014. Associate degree holders earn 20% more money than those with a bachelor's degree.

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Industrial Technology Maintenance

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