Find Child Care

Find Child Care

New in 2021, students and Pueblo community members have free access to an innovative new search tool that allows them to easily find child care providers and programs in their neighborhood. Providers in the community have updated their profiles to include useful information such as current availability. This tool has been brought to us by Children First and Pueblo Department of Public Health & Environment.

Search for care using a variety of filters including:

  • Location
  • Transportation method
  • Real-time availability based on age group–infant, toddler, preschool and K-12
  • Financial assistance options 
  • Quality rating

The search for child care just got easier! Begin a search today.

Please take advantage of the links and information provided below to increase your knowledge of quality care.  

We encourage all clients to review a child care provider's records by calling the Colorado Division of Early Care and Learning at 1-800-799-5876 or access licensed child care providers records online on the Colorado Shines website.

What is Colorado Shines?
Colorado Shines is a quality rating and improvement system for Colorado’s licensed early care and learning programs. Using proven methods, it measures quality based on how an early learning program supports its children, families and professionals. Once ranked, it helps programs improve their quality rating/level and connect with families who are looking for quality child care.

Why does it matter?
Research consistently shows that children who attend quality early care and learning programs are more likely to do well in school and less likely to drop out or need remedial education.

As a parent or caregiver, your child’s success rests on your shoulders. Quality education helps children start early and start strong. And the benefits last forever.

What do the levels mean?
Once analyzed, Colorado Shines scores each early learning program on a scale of 1 to 5 and assigns it a quality rating. The ratings are as follows:

Level 1: Programs are licensed with the State of Colorado

Level 2: Programs are licensed, in good standing, plus:
      -    have a quality improvement plan in place
      -    have conducted the L2 Quality Indicator Program Assessment
      -    have registered staff in the Colorado Shines Professional Development Information System
      -    have completed trainings on basic components of a quality early care and education environment

Level 3-5: Programs are licensed and in good standing, plus:
      -    have completed the Level 2 requirements
      -    have been assessed and rated by a Colorado Shines Quality Ratings Assessor based on points
           in five categories:
            -    Workforce Qualifications
            -    Family Partnerships
            -    Administration
            -    Learning Environment
            -    Child Health

Informational links about child care


Children First Child Care Resource and Referral

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Phone: 719-549-3411

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