Early Childhood Council

Working Together to Brighten the Future for All Pueblo Children

Mission Statement: Pueblo Early Childhood Council is a diverse, active network that collaborates and advocates to enrich and strengthen the lives of children, families and the community

Vision Statement:  Pueblo Early Childhood Council supports efforts for all young children and their families to grow and develop to meet their full potential.

The Pueblo Early Childhood Council is one of the 17 original Colorado Community Consolidated Child Care Pilots established by the Colorado General Assembly in 1997. The Council is a group of community agencies committed to the success of children and families. There are 34 total Councils in the state of Colorado.

The Council works to bring awareness and funding to Pueblo to:

  • Communicate to parents and families the important influence they have on their children
  • Raise the quality of care provided to children
  • Educate families on the importance of immunizations and health for all children
  • Increase the knowledge of early childhood professionals
  • Raise the awareness of early childhood issues in the Pueblo community

Membership to the Pueblo Early Childhood Council is open to any individual, business or agency at any time. The Council meets as a whole on a monthly basis and four sub groups meet as needed to develop and coordinate Council projects.


  • Early Care & Learning
  • Social Emotional
  • Family Connects
  • Health and Wellness


Children First Child Care Resource and Referral

PCC Teaching and Learning Center at St. Mary Corwin
1000 Minnequa Ave.
Pueblo, CO  81004

​​​​​​​3rd Floor - Office A329
Phone: 719-549-3411

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