Simulation Center

Simulation Center

PCC Simulation Center at St Mary Corwin Hospital (SMC) opened in 2012 under a collaborative agreement between the college and SMC.  The Center is located on the 6th floor of the East Tower and includes 4 patient rooms used for high fidelity simulation, 3 patient rooms used for clinical lab skills and activities, 2 nursing stations, medication room, and a 2000 square foot house (located on hospital property).  The facility is a shared resource for students, hospital staff and the community.

The Simulation Center conducts human patient simulation scenarios for nursing, radiologic technology, dental hygiene, and respiratory therapy students every semester.  Paramedic and fire science students conduct drills and perform competency testing at the simulation house.  Clinical simulation allows students to learn in a safe and structured environment as they perform independently during clinical scenarios that improve clinical reasoning/critical thinking and practice intra and interprofessional communication and collaboration. 

Best practices for simulation education are guided by the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) and the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH).

Resources available at the Simulation Center

  • CAE Metiman- adult simulator
  • CAE Lucina – childbirth simulator
  • Gaumard Noelle- childbirth simulator
  • Gaumard Pediatric Hal S2225
  • Gaumard Pediatric Hal
  • Gaumard Newborn Hal
  • Gaumard Hal – adult simulator
  • Laerdal Simbaby- 6 month old infant simulator
  • MedDispense – automated medication dispensing machine
  • 2 fully equipped control rooms
  • In-room camera system with 40in television viewing
  • Real-time viewing accessible in conference room and 2 classrooms
  • Wireless phone system
  • Adult and pediatric crash carts
  • Hamilton G5 Ventilator
  • BiPAP Ventilating Support System
  • Phillips and HP defibrillators
  • Portable and C-arm x-ray machines