Steps to Take Online Classes

Are Online Classes Right for Me?

Online learning can be a great way to reach your academic goals without coming to campus. Take this self-assessment to see if online classes could work for you. Take assessment now.

Enroll at PCC and Register

If you have not yet enrolled as a PCC student, follow these instructions on how to get started at PCC. The enrollment process is the same for all students, whether you are taking classes in a traditional classroom, online or both. Once you are enrolled as a PCC student, you can register for online classes. Visit the PCC online course listing page to see a list of the PCC online courses being offered for the upcoming semester.

Setting Up Your Computer

Students taking an online course must have access to a computer with high speed internet. The software PCC uses for the online courses is called MyCourses. Students should check their computer to see if it’s properly configured for MyCourses. Students can run a system check to verify the computer settings.

Exams and Testing

The full online PCC courses may require proctored exams. Your choices for taking proctored exams are:

  • Take your exam at any PCC campus testing center with a valid, government-issued photo ID.
  • Arrange to have your exams proctored at another pre-approved location (usually another college or library)


To find the required books for your course, first know your course and section number. Online classes will have section numbers with a W at the end (e.g. ENG121 01W). Required books for online courses are not always identical to the required books for classroom courses. Some courses also require software, lab kits, tools, or other equipment. The books can be purchased at the campus book store or through the online book store.

Online Library

We have a variety of resources available to our online students. You are welcome to use any of our campus libraries which include a variety of online resources.

Online Tutoring Service

All PCC students have full access to an online tutoring service comprised of teachers and tutors who have a demonstrated interest in helping students succeed. If you don’t have time to connect with a live tutor, visit the Q&A Center. Simply ask a tutor a question using the whiteboard interface and receive feedback within 24 hours. Tutoring session archives can be viewed, printed, and played back. This is especially helpful when you are studying for quizzes or exams.

What is CCCOnline?

Colorado Community College Online (CCCOnline) is a part on the Colorado Community College System and is based in Denver. They create online classes that are offered at PCC in addition to the online classes that are created and offered by PCC instructors. Learn more about CCCOnline classes.


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