Tuition Credit Requests

Tuition Credit Request - Appeal Process

Pueblo Community College (PCC) offers an appeal process - Tuition Credit Request - to students who are experiencing an extenuating circumstance that prevented them from successfully completing their coursework. 

The conditions for a Tuition Credit Request are as follows:

  1. Generally, only one credit request will be considered during your attendance at PCC.
  2. Student must have withdrawn from the semester the tuition credit request is being submitted for.
  3. Grades and/or instructional problems will not be reviewed; student must contact the academic division.
  4. If a Tuition Credit Request is approved, the tuition and fees WILL NOT be reversed or written off. The student is responsible for the remaining balance due.
  5. If a student has a balance due on their account, this MUST be paid in full before Tuition Credit can be issued/processed.  If any balance due on your account is not paid by the end of the current term, the account will be turned over to collections.
  6. A Tuition Credit Voucher cannot be used in the same term in which the withdrawal (W) occurred. 
  7. Tuition Credit applies ONLY to the student share of tuition.  It cannot apply toward the registration fee or any other related course fees.  Students may choose to use the tuition credit to take the same course(s); however, they are not required to do so.
  8. Tuition Credit can only be used for the same type of credit hours at PCC.  If students choose to register in a different course type (i.e., take online courses instead of classroom or classroom courses instead of online), they will have to pay any increase in tuition and are not entitled to a refund for any tuition reduction.
  9. Tuition Credit Requests must be submitted no later than the following deadlines for the semester in question:

    Summer semester: December 1
    Fall semester: May 1
    Spring semester: August 1

    **If the deadline falls on a weekend, the credit request will be accepted on the next business day.


Extenuating circumstance: an event that is beyond the control of the student, unexpected and not a pre-existing condition occurring after census date

Immediate family member: parent, sibling, child or spouse

Tuition credit: a voucher for the cost of tuition for a future term at PCC, up to one year, from term credit request was given unless otherwise indicated

Explanation statement: written description of the extenuating circumstances that caused the student to withdraw

Non-partial third-party: a person or organization which can confirm or explain the extenuating circumstance(s); excludes all immediate family members

Timeline: written event dates which chronicle extenuating circumstances

Tuition Credit will be considered for the following circumstances:

  • Death in the immediate family
    (Accepted documentation includes an obituary notice, service program or death certificate)
  • Extended illness of student or immediate family member
  • Extended military obligation
  • Change in employment – Employer mandated

Tuition Credit is not approved for the following types of issues:

  • Transportation problems, student’s car breaks down
  • Child care problems, babysitter quits or student cannot pay for daycare
  • Lack of funds, to include financial aid denial
  • Book dissatisfaction
  • Student failing course and/or student not adequately prepared
  • Student’s computer was down or student could not connect to an internet course (computers are available on campus and most public libraries provide internet access)
  • Student’s computer not advanced enough or student did not have software needed to take the class
  • Student moved out of the area during the term
  • Student’s marital/family status changed
  • Instructor dissatisfaction or instructor/class related complaints (Contact academic division)
  • Student has been sent to Collections  (Contact Cashier’s office or call 719-549-3294)

Tuition Credit Request Process:

  • Withdraw from courses.
  • Notify Records Clerk ( or 719-549-3016) of intention to complete tuition credit request.
  • Attach a typed explanation statement with timeline detailing the extenuating circumstance(s) that prevented semester completion. The statement should include why the courses were not dropped by census.
  • Attach adequate, third-party, non-partial documentation that supports the explanation statement.
  • It is important that you are aware of the potential cost and affect to you and your financial aid, VA benefits*, and/or sponsorships. Therefore, if Financial Aid, Veteran’s Affairs educational benefits*, and/or third party sponsorship (Cashier Office) were received, signatures are required from department.
  • Tuition Credit Requests are reviewed by a committee the first Thursday of every month. The request will be reviewed the month following the day the completed credit request form was received by the Records Clerk.
  • Incomplete credit requests without proper documentation will be returned to student without review.
  • Student is notified within three business days of the committee’s final decision. Notification of a decision will be sent to your PCC student email account.
  • If the credit request is granted, the student balance will not be written off or reversed but will be processed in the following order:
  • Refund to any 3rd party that paid the original tuition with a withdrawal (w) Students using VA benefits should contact the VA School Certifying Official for additional information at 719-549-3014 ,
  • Repay to any federal financial aid owed to the college as a result of the appeal,
  • Credit the student account for any remaining balance due with a withdrawal (w), and
  • For any remaining tuition credit with a withdrawal (w), the student may receive a voucher for a future term to be used at PCC within the following three terms, or later as deemed appropriate in the circumstances. For students using Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits, PCC is required to report the tuition credit scholarship to the VA during the term the scholarship is used.*
  • If the student is unable to attend in any future term at and use their voucher by the expiration date, the student forfeits the value of such voucher 
  • If denied, the student needs to contact the Cashier’s Office at 719-549-3212.

Please contact the Records Office at 719-549-3016 for additional information on Tuition Credit Requests.

*VA accounts will be processed following the current guidance from the US Department of Veterans Affairs


Admissions & Records Office
Student Center, Room 260