PCC Wellness & Recreation: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Rec Center?

  • The Rec Center is located on the first floor of the Student Center, next to the Bookstore.

When is the Rec Center open?

  • PCC Student Rec prides itself on offering year-round consistency in our hours of operation. Please visit Student Rec Homepage for more information on hours.

Is the Rec Center closed during Thanksgiving break, winter holiday break, spring break, and summer break?

  • The Rec Center maintains normal business hours during all school breaks except when the campus is closed for Thanksgiving and the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. We are also closed some holidays throughout the year. The Rec team will post scheduled closures in advance to notify all members ahead of time.

I am a student. Do I have to pay to use the Rec Center?

  • Yes. There is a fee of $1.15 per credit hour per semester to utilize the Rec Center. Students enrolled in at least one (1) class on the Pueblo campus have this fee included in their tuition and fees. Online students, faculty and staff

I am an online student (PCC/CCC Online). Can I use the Rec Center?

  • Online students must pay the $20 per month individual to utilize the Rec Center.

I am registered for classes in the fall. Can I use the Rec Center over the summer term (or registered for spring but not fall term)?

  • Unfortunately only students enrolled in classes during the current semester can utilize the facility. Students enrolled in the following semester but not the current (i.e. fall not summer, spring not fall) must pay the $20 per month individual to utilize the facility.

I don’t use the Rec Center. Can I opt out of paying the Rec fee?

  • No, you are unable to opt out of the Student Rec fee or any other fees at PCC. The fee paid is a great investment for many students who use the facility now and in the future.

Can Fremont or PCC Southwest campus students utilize the Rec Center on the Pueblo Campus?

  • PCC Southwest and Fremont students do not pay the Student Rec Fee. In order to utilize the Rec Center, students from the branch campuses must pay the $20 per month individual.

Is there a Rec Center on the Fremont and Southwest campuses?

  • Unfortunately, at this time, there are not Rec facilities at the PCC Fremont or Southwest campuses.

Does the Rec offer community memberships?

  • Yes! PCC is proud to be a member of the Pueblo community and to have a membership base comprised of students, staff, faculty, PCC alumni, and our fabulous community members. You can find more information on the Rec Center homepage on membership options and costs.

Do faculty and staff have to pay to utilize the Rec?

  • Yes. As the Rec Center is primarily funded through student fees all non-student members, including staff and faculty, must pay for a membership. Please see the Student Rec Home Page for information on staff/faculty rates.

What do I need to enter/use the facility?

  • We require all students to check into and out of the Rec Center using their PCC student ID. All other members must bring their PCC Rec Center Membership card and show it to the front desk staff upon every visit.

How much does it cost to join group fitness classes?

  • All group fitness classes are included in the student and membership fee, there is no additional cost to attend one of our classes. As long as you have a current membership to utilize the Rec Center, you may attend any and all Group Fitness classes. Please bring your student ID or membership card to check-in to classes.

Where can I find rules, policies and procedures for the Rec Center?

I would like to work for PCC Wellness & Recreation. Where can I find information on Student Employment?