PCC Wellness & Recreation: Rules and Gym Etiquette

Rules and Gym Etiquette

  • Physical harassment, sexual harassment, unwanted touching, taunting and/or degrading language or comments toward staff or other patrons – to include non-verbal or non-physical actions and behaviors that create an uncomfortable environment (e.g. staring, unwanted close physical proximity, entering personal space, etc.) – will not be tolerated.
  • Closed-toe athletic shoes must be worn.
  • Shirt, t-shirt, tank top, or jacket must be worn while using the facility.
  • Shorts must be long enough to cover the buttocks and groin area when moving or exercising.
  • Pants/Shorts must be properly worn on the hips.
  • Clothing with offensive or foul language, designs, or images is not acceptable.
  • No open drink containers.
  • Water only allowed in the cardio, weight and fitness rooms.
  • Members must clean machines or benches after use.
  • Respect time on the machine, others may be waiting to use it.
  • Do not drop weights.
  • Do not throw weights or other equipment (medicine balls excluded).
  • Use a spotter when lifting heavy weights.
  • Unload weights and store them on appropriate weight horns and racks when finished.
  • No personal training is allowed.
  • No bags, backpacks, or purses are allowed on the cardio or weight room floors.
  • All personal items (bags, backpacks, clothing, etc.) must be stored in a locker. Small items such as keys and phone can be kept on members.
  • Personal belongings are not to be left behind or on the front desk. Rec Center staff and management are not responsible for personal items left in or around the Rec Center.
  • Headphones must be worn when listening to music.
  • Members are not allowed to move or use PCC audio equipment kept in the Group Fitness Room.
  • The consumption or carrying of alcohol in the Rec Center, or while participating in Rec sponsored activities, is strictly prohibited. Visibly intoxicated members will be asked to leave the facility or escorted out by Public Safety.
  • PCC is a tobacco (cigarette, chew, cigar, etc.), e-cigarette/vape, marijuana and drug free campus. Use of any of these substances in the Rec Center is prohibited.
  • The carrying of unauthorized firearms, ammunition, explosives, or illegal weapons in the Rec Center is strictly prohibited. Open carry of firearms or other weapons is also prohibited.
  • Any behavior that threatens the safety of self or others will be addressed and reported to PCC Police and/or through the PCC Student Conduct reporting process.

*Rules & Etiquette apply to the Rec Center, Group Exercise Room, Locker rooms and all Rec sponsored programming.

Staff members have the authority and flexibility to address inappropriate behavior, rule violations, and patron concerns. Action taken may include PCC Police intervention, referral of students to the Dean of Students to address via the student conduct process, and/or termination of membership or Rec Center usage privileges.